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DelinquentHabits Clan

Rašyti  sm00kietheproh on Antr. 11 06, 2012 11:24 am

Hello Everyone!
Nice to meet you all and Good Luck in Your community,Dear Staff.
Our Clan DelinquentHabits aka ATS,Will come in Your Server to Test it.
We are coming 1 Archer pt and DD,CC pt.
If your Server rising and have a lot of ppl,Then we will Call Our ally someOld Frients Lextalionis.
Thanks and gl & Hf to all.

P.S Our Recruting is Opening only for 1 CP-(Constant Party) if some1 is interesing to join with us can leave our applycation on our official Forum

--> Applycation will be checked and will be accepted/rejected every day after 15h gmt +2

P.S i wish good luck to all other's clam's and to l2boh Stuff for can have pretty start on server w/o attack's from ddoss and etc....

English+Greece Community

Regards....DelinquentHabits Team Smile


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i would join

Rašyti  UberHorse on Antr. 11 06, 2012 1:49 pm

pm me in skype sarunas.noras


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